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31 December 2016


I am in my own zone.

"This is my life. This is my story. The pages are mine to write."

Hopefully throughout letters A-Y this has been resonated but if you take nothing else away from these chapters take this: This is your life to life!

Yes there are so many factors that we need to think about when it comes to our lives: family, friends, work, hobbies, society and more but at the end of the day we are each on our own paths. Sure people may be heading the same way as us. Some may just cross our paths. We might take a wrong turn or even end up at a dead end. In all these circumstances however we are present and it's down to us to figure it out. Sometimes we get so caught up in everything else that we forget that we are at the cores of our own lives. Everything else is an addition. Put yourself first. Not in the selfish sense, and not in the place of God if you're a believer, but simply in the sense that you are the driving force behind your actions.

Be kind, be generous, be loving, be everything great a person can be but do them because you want to not because of the reaction you may or may not receive. Do them because that is just who you are.

Life is a journey immeasurable by time. You can find people who live to be 85 but never really lived at all whilst on the other hand there are people who unfortunately leave the Earth really young but lived in every sense of the word. Be alive and present at all times, it is your story after all.

You might not be able to control everything but you can control how you see yourself and how you view the world. Each day you make the choice to make your dreams come true or to watch the chance pass you by. Be an advocate for all you want to see in the world and make sure you cherish and enjoy the ride. Why not right? You only get one life!


I hope you've enjoyed reading some of these and that you've been able to take something from them. As always I appreciate any time you have taken to read these and hope to write more going forward.
Wishing you the best always.
Stay Blessed,
Selorm xo

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