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31 December 2016


I am concerned with my well-being.

"Take care of your mind body and soul and the rest will fall into place."

Health is not an issue to be taken lightly. Physical health is extremely important and its esssential to stay on top it. A good diet and some exercise however are not the only thing to be conscious of; habits such as excessive smoking, drinking, high levels of stress and ilnesses are some of the things that can physically affect us. Be aware of your body and how it reacts to certain things. Don't be afraid of the doctor; regular check ups and noticing things quickly can help to keep you safe from harm. If you do notice something unusual, get it checked out as soon as possible, it's always better to be safe than sorry. A real understanding of a good diet is also essential, it doesn't mean eating leaves all day or following some fad trend; but simply getting the right nutrients according to what your body needs. We all come in different shapes and sizes and so we need to make more of an effort to understand what our bodies need. 

Mental health is also just as important if not more. We hear often of issues such as depression. split personalities, OCD etc, but smaller things such as anger issues, self doubt and low self esteem can also have detrimental effects. Having a clear mind is key! There is often negative stigma when it comes to mental issues but we shouldn't shy away from admitting something is wrong. Confide in your support system or speak to a professional, either way if something's up you need to get it out somehow. Harbouring negative feelings can lead to a lot of issues some even physical such as weight loss and insomnia. If you really are against speaking to someone, find another method that works for you. Exercise can have great benefits especially things like running and yoga. Prayer and meditation are also alternate methods that can help! Whatever makes you feel comfortable, do that, but make sure you do something! Too often we see people taking their lives because they couldn't get a handle on the battle that was going on in their minds.

Your well being is never something you should play with! Be in tune with yourself and take care of you!

Stay Blessed,

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