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31 December 2016


I will not be a victim to my circumstance.

To be victorious you have to step out of the body of a victim."

Be a champion in life. Yes things will not always go your way, it's inevitable. There may be situations you encounter that might set you back. Not the words 'set you back' not 'make you stop'. In cases like this, it is imperative that you find an alternative route to your chosen destination. Pity is not the same as empathy. To be described as pitiful isn't a compliment. Don't give anyone reason to pity you and you should definitely never allow yourself to wallow in self pity. The world is constantly turning, there are countless opportunities everywhere so when life tries to knock you down - fight back! When people try to give you those 'I feel sorry for you eyes' always hit them back with 'Don't worry about me, I'm going to make it work.'

Don't be subdued by your past, your present is where it's at and the future is still very much open. Sure, there might be a few short term losses but the long term gain still has the potential to be great. The best days of your life are ahead! Bigger and better things are in your future; claim that and work towards that. Be excited about how amazing things will be.

Wherever you are in life; you should feel as though you are moving in the right direction. The pace may not be as fast as you would like but any progress is good progress. That includes your career, your relationships and your mental state. If you're trying you're doing better than most and you deserve props for that. Take control of your life; have the courage to walk away from things that no longer serve you and the balls to go for the things you want. You will be successful, just believe it!

Stay Blessed,
Selorm xo.

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