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31 December 2016


I will respect myself and others.

"Sure a bit of banter is fine, but we seem to be losing touch with where the line is."

We live in an age where disrespect can now be coated in wit and insincere smiles and called bants. Sure it's a new day, things are taken a lot more lightly than they used to be but that doesn't mean you have to accept anything that doesn't sit well with you, ever.
If you use certain words to describe yourself, you're opening the door for others to do the same so be careful. Be especially careful of the things you put online, there are certain things and opinions that perhaps are better discussed in private. 

Self respect is essential, maybe now more than ever. Know what you will and will not accept and make no exceptions. It can be difficult and uncomfortable and may even lead to conflict but it's important to stay true to what you believe and stand up for what you know to be right. If you allow certain things to happen you can't really be surprised when they happen again. For example, as a person of colour you might use the word 'nigga' around your friends casually. If one of your Caucasian friends then uses it, and you don't address it, it'll keep happening. If it's something that bothers you, you need to address it head on. Same with if a male at work uses derogatory terms with you as a woman, shut that ish down! 

In the same way, if you see any injustice or predujice going on, don't be afraid to speak out. There have been countless viral videos of people being harrassed for example where everyone around just stayed silent and watched it happen. In situations like that you always have to think, what would I want someone to do if it was me or my loved one? Respect for yourself results in respect for others. If there are things you won't tolerate it is highly unlikely you will go on to do those things to others. Be mindful of other people's boundaries; don't assume just because something is cool with you it is also cool with them. And if, on occassion you do offend someone, simply just apologise.

Stay Blessed,

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