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31 December 2016


I will have no qualms.

"Worrying doesn't get anything done!"

Qualm - an uneasy feeling about the propriety or rightness of a course of action. It's natural to question a decision, to wonder whether or not something is right, but never ever should you allow that feeling to become permanent or manifest itself into self doubt.
Intuition, though apparently stronger in females, is something we all possess. You can usually feel when something isn't quite right and in cases like that it's important to be able to either make it right or walk way. If you constantly feel uneasy or anxious about something, make an effort to do something about it; sitting in that feeling isn't healthy or useful.

Stay in a bubble of Zen; cool, calm and collected. Be confident in the fact that you are at least trying to do the right thing. By all means, seek the counsel of other people but at the end of the day, every choice is down to you. If you are prepared, if have taken all the necessary steps, why worry? Worrying does absolutely nothing but cause stress and despair; it takes up time that could be used to fix whatever has gone wrong. If you can't change it, there's no point in worrying, and if you can change it, then change it instead of worrying. Once the milk has been spilt, just clean it up and keep it moving!

Of course, life can throw things at us and unfortunately people we care about that are completely out of our control. In instances like this it can be extremely difficult to stay calm and be relaxed and people who say 'Don't worry' seem like the most annoying people in the world. It's not exactly an easy thing to turn off and as mentioned before its healthy to be connected to all of our emotions, so long as we don;t allow them to consume us! If something is really stressing you out, something that you can't change, find something else to put your energy into; whether it be prayer, speaking to someone, or keeping a diary, letting the emotion out can really help.

Hakuna Matata! Timon and Pumba had the right idea although perhaps not the best approach. Don't fret the past because there is nothing you can do to change it. don't fear the future because it is still very much in your control. But most importantly, don't waste today doing either of those things.
You got this!

Stay Blessed,
Selorm xo

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