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31 December 2016


I will take and create opportunities for myself.

"I probably could have done a lot more if I'd just read my emails."

Opportunities = Possibilities.
Have you ever seen an opportunity for something, decided you'll look into it later and then by the time you do, it's gone? Or worse yet, have you ever experienced not wanting to do something, then later realised you actually do want to but it's too late?! That's the worst!
Whilst we shouldn't dwell on what could have been, what could be is a great thing to consider. When opportunities come your way think about the potential behind them. What could it take you? How could it enhance or improve you?

Although it might often feel like opportunities come from a place beyond our control. the reality is that we are always creating a foundation for them by encouraging certain things to come our way. For example, your mentor at work may recommend you for a promotion. Who created the opportunity? You might think your mentor did but in actual fact it was you! By working hard and becoming great at your job you encouraged your mentor to give you the opportunity to progress in your career. You create the basis, always!

We have to be constantly on the look or open to opportunities because you never know where they will come from. Remember you are never stuck even though sometimes it may feel that way. A period of silence could very well lead to one of the greatest chances of your life being presented to you. On the other hand, if you find that no-one else is setting anything up for you, set something up yourself! Take things into your own hands and build a door to walk through! A word of caution however, not everything is for you. Occasionally something may come your way that looks good, but to you doesn't feel quite right, don't be afraid to turn things down no matter how big a prize they seem to be offering. Always remain true to yourself and your goals first and everything else will work itself out. 

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