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30 December 2016


I am an inspiration.

"Somewhere, someone is looking to me to be an example. What am I showing that person?"

Think about who or what inspires you. What is it about them that causes you to look at them as a source of inspiration?
In the same way you might look to your mother, a celebrity or even a complete stranger for inspiration, someone is looking up to you! Scary right?
Granted it's hard enough to navigate the course of our own lives and naturally we're bound to have a few missteps along the way however the reality is, the things we do could have an effect on other people. The messages we choose to send out have huge impacts on those around us, hell nowadays even those that follow us on social media, and once we become aware of that it's hard to ignore the sense of responsibility that comes with it. 

Imagine if someone was mirroring your every move - would you do things differently?

"Oh but I'm no big deal - why would anyone look up to me?" Fair, maybe you're not the hottest girl on the gram or the rising star athlete of tomorrow but everyone who has some sort of interaction with you is affected by you. Whether it's in a big or small way. You don't have to do the impossible to be an inspiration. Your smile, your mannerisms, your work ethic, your faith, your style, your actions, your accomplishments, the way you've faced adversity - all these things are inspiring. 
If you got up today despite going through a hard time, if you wrote a couple of pages for that essay you have due, hell even if you just smiled at someone on the train - there's something to be taken from you! You don't even need to make huge announcements or look for recognition, people are taken notice of you and somewhere, someone is grateful that you do what you do.
So keep going, keep striving and getting back up when you fall; your journey, your story, is worth more than you could ever imagine. 
Keep that in mind!

Stay Blessed,
Selorm xo.

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