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24 December 2016


I am not going to make excuses

"Everyone's doing it" is not a valid reason for anything.

But she started it...
But it's going to be really difficult...
But everyone's going...
So often we stand in our own ways, coming up with reasons and validations as to why we can't do the things we really wish to do, why we can't be the people deep down we know we could be, that we should be. Every time we come out with these lines we delve further into the realms of laziness, lack of discipline, irresponsibility and find ourselves further and further from where we want to be. 
Almost everyday I come across a news article or an Instagram picture of someone who despite a bunch of odds, found a way to make it. People with no arms or legs making meals for their families, students going from D's to A's, people making history and changing the world as we currently know it! And so I ask you, just as much as I ask myself, are our excuses even valid? 

We all, by God's grace, have 24 hours each day to do something with. Let's say 6-8 of that is lost to sleep. If you're like me and working 9-5, and extra 8 hours is gone, throw in some travel time and you're down to around 6-8 hours of your day left to play with. The question is what do you do with it? Most of you reading this are probably around similar ages to me, in this weird adult but not fully adult stage where its still pretty normal to be out drinking all night but not really acceptable to then lie in instead of going to work. These are our years to make something of ourselves, to take the risks and make the sacrifices and to be fair a lot of the mistakes. We are blessed to have youth on our side and the ability to put in more time without our bodies paying too heavily for it. So what stops us?

Well I can't speak for anyone else but I definitely have a few chosen excuses. 
1. "I'm tired." Damn right I'm tired - working, studying, gymming (attempting to) day in day out takes its toll however if I actually want to reach my goals then its not a good enough excuse. Don't get me wrong there's a fine line between being tired but able to keep going and being exhausted. I fully believe we need to look after ourselves but I personally know I'm capable of doing a lot more.

2. "Everyone's doing it/going." Food is my weakness. Best believe if I see some cake on the treats table it is likely going to end up in my mouth. Plus when bloody Sally in the office keeps banging on about how good it is, it makes it sooo much harder to resist. In comes the need for discipline, not going to lie I feel like peer pressure is much stronger now than it ever was in school. Colleagues going for lunches or drinks after work starts to become so normal that you find it weird to say no actually I should go home and write instead or I should probably skip the cheeky Nandos and actually have the salad in my bag. Standing alone is hard, but when those abs start pushing through it'll so be worth it. 

3. "Tomorrow." LOL I actually don't know who I think I am, yes I have faith and pray and believe God will see me through my days but it's so easy to forget that our tomorrows are limited and responsibilities and challenges only pile up as we get older. Tomorrow is not guaranteed and so we need to make more of today, even if it just means doing a little bit each day. I always find that if I put something off today I'll probably put it off tomorrow and the cycle continues until there's an actual deadline or some sort of consequence. Sure it's impossible to do everything, as much as we'd love to we just can't put our time into all the things we want to at once. But by prioritizing and being more organised we can get a lot more done.

We have to take more ownership of our time, of our lives in general. Too often we place a wall of excuses in our own way, essentially locking ourselves out of our own potential. Why? Cause we're young and we still have a ways to go, but bit by bit we'll get there, we have to, no excuses!

Stay Blessed,

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