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31 December 2016


I am learning.

"We can never know everything, but we can always learn more."

Education is a great thing. Though post secondary school you may never need to find the equation of a line, there are things we learn in school that we carry throughout our lives. These vary from person to person, but some examples are discipline, hardwork, resilience and how to build friendships. As well as classroom learning, it's also important to educate ourselves on the ways of the world. Find out about your heritage, the economy, history being segregation both racial and gender related, how the housing market works; we can't be experts in everything but having even a small understanding of the world in which we live is extremely beneficial.

That being said, learning goes past the point of education; it exists outside of the classrooms and lecture theatres and lies at the very heart of life. Think back to your school days. Remember the kid who was always disrupting the class, didn't pay attention and then always complained about not understanding? Well at some point we've all been that kid. When? In all the times that life has tried to to teach us something and we decided to close our eyes, cover our ears and ignore it. Like in the classroom, you have to be receptive to the things being taught, open to the wisdoms we could potentially gain from the situations and people around us.

Finally, the greatest teacher of them all; our mistakes! They can teach us a hell of a lot but only if we choose to learn the lessons. So don't be afraid to fall but don't let one misstep lead you down an entire spiral of mistakes. You can get it right, never give up on yourself! Though we might not always reap the benefits straight away, making a change for the better will never lead you down a wrong path. Each experience can be classified as a blessing or a lesson, both are needed to go further in life.

Stay Blessed,
Selorm xo 

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