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30 December 2016


I will be humble regardless of my situation.

"There is always someone better, even if that person is the person you are yet to become."

Humility - the quality of having a modest of low opinion of one's importance. This is the definition I found when I typed 'define humility' into Google. I don't think this definition is quite right.
You are important and it's fundamental that you believe that; humility however stems from the ability to realise that you are part of something that is much bigger than you! 

In cheerleading for example. the person at the top, the flyer, is extremely important. They create the visual, capturing the attention of the audience with incredible shapes and tricks. But are they more important than the people at the base? Nope! Without them, there would be no stunt, they need to have strength and coordination in order to make sure things run safely and graciously. No one play is more important than another, each person must play their part and play it well in order for things to work. The same is true in life in general. You'll probably meet hundreds of people in your life, if not more. Some doing better in certain areas of their lives than you, others not doing so well but neither one will carry more importance than the other!

Humility is a quality that we need to carry with us on a day to day basis. Not only does it affect the way we interact with people but it also affects our quality of life. There is something to be taken from every situation; as humans we all have things that we need to learn but we also have things that we can learn from each other and we have to be receptive to that. My guesses are that you don't aspire to be homeless, but don't rule out those who are less fortunate as sources of knowledge, good advice can come from the most unlikely of sources if you choose ot pay atenntion. 

We never know what life will throw at us; the people who you bullied in school could end up being the owners of a company you want to work at, you could find fortune, lose it all and end up on the streets right next to the people you used to look down on. Be grateful at all times for your blessings. Go out into the world and do great things, but never ever let it get it get to your head. You can be great without thinking everyone else isn't!

Stay Blessed,
Selorm xo.

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