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9 December 2016


I am changing.

“When people say 'you've changed', the correct response is – thank you!”

As humans we are constantly adapting and evolving in hopes of becoming better. If you look back over the years and think you haven't changed at all... Look again because you've definitely missed something! Our interests, habits, hobbies, surroundings and many other things are bound to be different throughout the course of time but there seems to be some sort of negative stipulation about change; as if for eternity we are supposed to just stay in the same box, doing the same things with the same people. 

What's interesting is that amending one thing in your life usually ends up up leading to another change somewhere else, be it positive or negative, leaving you a year down the line in a completely different space than where you started. For example; let's just say you decide to give up alcohol. As a result you might lose weight, (the calories in those cocktails are real) which is great but on the flip side you might find that the friends you used to hit the bars with might not holla at you as much because you're not as fun sober. No I'm not giving up the wine just yet but my point is that for every decision there's an opportunity cost, a series of options we could have chosen that would taken us some place else, a sacrifice if you will. Some changes are easier to make than others because we have little desire for what we'd be giving up, whilst others seem almost impossible because the loss is a lot greater. 

As mentioned not all change is good change but somewhere in the grander scheme of things I think the negatives can bring about positives. So, if you're reading this wishing that in some aspect of your life you'd gone a different route, it's not too late to change things around. Though it may be impossible to go back to the way things were there's no reason why we can't go on to something better. It can be scary and difficult to change, we naturally subconsciously fear the unknown, but staying confined to a certain way of living that deep down no longer fits you, ultimately limits your chances of happiness. Growth is an amazing thing and regardless of how it may be perceived you should take pride in your development and your journey. Sometimes you might even find that the changes you make in your life inspire others to do the same.

Stay Blessed,
Selorm xo

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