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7 December 2016


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I am beautiful.

“I used to dream of being someone else, until one day I realized no-one can be me better than me and I have something to share with the world.”

You know there's no-one in the world exactly like you.
You are an art piece; the strokes of your being carefully painted in a way that cannot be replicated. But, just like art, you will not be suited to everyone's taste. Maybe you have big ears. Maybe your teeth are crooked. Maybe your hair is kinky. Maybe your cheeks are a little bit chubbier than you'd like(yup that's me\0. We all have something, some feature that we would change it we could. Whilst I don't think the point is to necessarily think our flaws are the best thing in the world, we do have to get to a point where we think we are amazing despite them, maybe in some ways because of them. 

For many years, the media have capitalized off our insecurities by defining what beauty is and flooding us with products to make us more like "who we should be". One day skinny size zero females are on trend, the next it's all about big butts. #Teamlightskin. #Teamdarkskin. Beards are in now but tomorrow it might be all about a clean shave. Placing ourselves on the media's spectrum of beauty will only ever make us 'hot' for a reason whereas if we focus on ourselves we can be beautiful for a lifetime. 

By all means, I think we should take pride in our appearances, when we look good we feel good. I'm definitely 5x more smiley when my hair's done and my eyebrows are fleeked than when I go to the corner shop looking like a bum. However, that said, the glow of our physical appearance can never over shadow the the light that shines from within, it is if anything, merely a reflection. 

Have you ever seen someone talk about something they love where their smile and the sparkle in their eyes just makes you warm up inside? Therein lies their beauty. It's not the hot picture that gets 100 likes but a form of grace, happiness and other components that cannot be seen. Ultimately I think it's shown most strongly in how you make others feel, particularly those we love. 

Stay Blessed,
Selorm xo.

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