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18 April 2016

Spring Awakening.

It seems Spring is finally upon us.
In the midst of some April showers there have been a few days of sunshine, bringing with them hope for a good Summer. 
This weekend I decided to clear out my room; get rid of clothes I'd been holding on to that don't fit or don't flatter, dismiss the shoes with crocodile mouths or heavy stud details (I went through a phase), organize and clear out old paper work and generally just de-clutter my room. 
Well for one it was about time, but mostly because there are new things I want that I wouldn't have had space for. I had to make the choice: what I have now or what I want to have?
It got me thinking about how a lot of us, me included, can be stuck in limbo.
Somewhere between who we are and who we want to be.
Holding on to old patterns and habits whilst wishing an hoping for new outcomes.
I'm still eating really badly and not exercising but I want to lose weight.
I'm not taking any steps to further my career but I want to be successful.
I put out a negative image of myself but want to be respected.
I'm holding on to my old life but craving something completely different.
Makes about as much sense as keeping a burned out candle on your desk whilst a new one sits in your drawer! Stupid right? It's okay I can say that because I'm pretty much guilty of all of the above.
So often we hold onto the old, wish for the new but fail to free up the space for the transition.
A lot of it falls down to routine, its difficult to break old patterns and unless a conscious effort is made, we'll always go back to square one, simply because its comfortable, it's what we know.
New things bring uncertainty; what if those shoes or that dress don't actually suit me, what if I can only do one sit-up in the gym and everyone laughs at me, what if my business venture is a fail. 
What if, what if, what if....
Well I'm not sure about you but the idea of being stuck in the same place scares me a lot more than the unknown of taking a risk and negative thinking begets negative consequences.
Perhaps its time for a mental Spring clean.
Clear out all the old, negative, limiting thoughts you have and make space for ones of positivity and success. You can only go as far as your mind wanders, and since thinking and dreaming are free - dream big! Imagine yourself achieving the things you want to achieve and take the steps to get there. One day at a time, one decision at a time.
Though we can't do everything, we can do anything we put our minds to so put your mind to the possibility and watch as your dreams come true. 

Stay Blessed,

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