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23 April 2016

Feel the fear.

This was me doing the final Zip Line at Go Ape today. 
After 3 hours, 4 other zip lines, numerous tight ropes and bridges, Tarzan drops, and many other obstacles in the trees, when it came to this final zip line, I was still afraid. A part of me was still wondering if my harness was on properly, if my pulley and safety wires would carry me safely to the end, if I could do it.
Yet still a wonderful thing happened.
I looked out from the top of that final free, embraced the amazing view and took one last step out on faith. Faith in the rope's ability to carry my weight, faith in myself in having attached the pulley and safety wires correctly and finally faith in God that He would keep me alive.
Today I truly came to understand that being fearlessness is not the absence of fear but the ability to step out in spite of it.

Being afraid is probably the number one reason people don't pursue their dreams. 
Fear of rejection, fear of criticism, but most commonly fear of getting it wrong.
In the case above, if I had made a mistake with my ropes I'd probably be dead but that is far from the case with most of the situations we run away from. 
"I can't apply for that job because I probably won't get it."
"I can't tell that person how I feel because they might reject me."
"I can't try something new because I might not like it or be good at it."
"I can't write that blog post because people might not get it or judge me."

That last one is me. Every time I write a blog post, regardless of how many I've written or how many times I've been praised for them, I am still afraid that it won't be well received and that people might not like it. This then spirals into, well if they don't like my post then they probably don't like me. What's so crazy about this is that whilst it's true people may not like me or my blogpost once they read it (their loss lol), fear attempts to make the possibility a certainty. It amplifies our insecurities and exaggerates the worst possible scenario so much that we are deterred from even trying in the first place. We forget the insignificance of the odds and believe that whatever we're afraid will happen, will definitely happen.
In some cases, especially ones that may put us in danger, this is an essential part of our intuition, but too often we allow fear to rule over our lives entirely. 
We are all aware that when people come to the ends of their lives, they find their regrets in the things they didn't do. The places they didn't visit, the chances they didn't take, the people they didn't speak to...
So why are we so intent on failing to learn from their lessons? 

Though those who are overly cautious may be squeaky clean at the end of their time they will have no stories, no great memories, no battle scars; no evidence that they lived.
Now I'm not saying that we should entertain every idea we have, cause boy if I did my life would be crazy, but we should listen to our hearts and pursue the dreams that we can't shake. The ideas we have that seem too big or too insane if done properly could be life changing. 

We owe it to ourselves to be brave and take the step.
To let drive and determination carry us down the line and whether we land on our feet or hit the ground with our bums like I did earlier today, at least we'll be able to say we tried. 
For regardless of what happens, there'll always be some beauty in the attempt. 

Stay blessed,

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