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27 August 2015

God's Love ♥

I don't think we can ever fully grasp how big God's love is
That it is as strong at the end of the day as it is as the day begins
That it makes allowances for differences and celebrates our flaws
That it is flexible enough to seep in through our tight shut doors
That it never says you're unworthy but provides you with a throne
That it sees you for the great qualities that you haven't even shown
That it covers you in the coldness and cushions you when you fall
That it pulls you up, and pushes you along when you're too weak to stand tall
That it has no recollection of the things you've done wrong
That it sees you as a masterpiece way before the whole picture is drawn
That it wants to see you grow and live up your potential
That even if you do fall short you aren't stripped of your credentials 
That it has the power to heal and take away all your pain
That it's beauty is more prominent when it's discovered in the rain
That it will never compare you to the standard of someone else
That it loves you even in those times that you do not love yourself
That no matter how far you run, it'll be right there
That despite your efforts to disregard it it'll never disappear
That it is truly patient and will make room for your mistakes
That it smiles with infinite joy regardless of how small the steps you take
That it transcends all understanding and can never be fully explained
That it'll always encourage and lift you up, it'll never take pride in your shame
That the closer you get to it, the more peaceful your mind becomes
That it can't be fully replicated, even by your closest ones
Though when there is an attempt to demonstrate it here on Earth
Amazing things begin to blossom and to new possibilities we give birth
That though many want to be 'Christ-like' they are limited in their ability
To forgive and give endless chances with complete sincerity

That God's love is the purest form of love that we'll ever find
And though we try we can never understand it with our simple human minds.


LOL I'm not going to do this everyday, every week or at times months may go by before I write anything. I've accepted it ! 
Hope you're all doing well x
Stay Blessed,

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