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3 February 2015

So You Like Me?

So you like me huh? You like the way my body looks
Thank God for my genes that help fill out these jeans and my bra you wanna unhook
I know you like the way I walk regardless of my lacking hips
You wonder what I taste like wanna get inside these lips

I see your wandering eyes looking me up and down
Imagine the pace our horse will take when we go riding
Up and down
Your imagination is vivid, you think about ways to dominate me
But understand it'll take more than your small lengths to measure up to my fantasies.

Impress me with more than your money my accounts can't be filled with cash
To get me high on thoughts of you takes more than your weed stash
You need to take it slow, don't rush to reach a climax
Stimulate me with words of large dimensions that can't be seen in IMAX

Foreplay. Engage in activities for my enjoyment before
You think about getting married in a ceremony of heat on the hardwood floor
Keep me interested with rounds of meaningful conversation
See I'm more concerned with the depth of your speech that the depth your piece can reach in the few minutes you last during fornication.

You don't have to speak Math, I'd just like to vibe on the same frequency
Earn the secrets encompassed in this circumference and watch my love for you grow exponentially
I hope it's more than my appearance that gives you ammunition for us to speak
Cause the curves of my parabolas can be found on another physique
But it's my spirit that's unique

See I've already loved a boy who didn't love me
Reached full capacity on giving myself to guys that don't deserve space in my memory
So show me something different than the rest
Push me to my core put my potential to the test
And when we're done we'll take a rest, in each other bring out the best and hopefully
You won't be like the others who only saw the body on me

Lead me to a place of spiritual growth
Don't make me feel bad for the wrong paths I already chose
Pray for me
Pray with me
Believe I'm worth the wait
Love me the way its said in 1 Corinthians chapter 13 verses 4 – 8
Make your presence such a present I don't need to ask for gifts
And be understanding of the fact
That even though I've come from that
I want more than just to have my back cracked
I dream of wedded bliss,
So now listen to this...

You like me right? You like the way my body looks
But before you'll ever get to see
The beauty of physicality
I'll need you to know much it took,
To be able to unhook
My fear and insecurity
Learn about what I deal with on the inside before you try get inside and be part of my anatomy
Are you still feeling me?
Cause this is what it takes to deal with me
and if you can't wait faithfully
Be honest and open will transparency
Then I'm sorry cause you're wasting your time
And I just don't have any more of mine
To give to someone who in the end won't be mine

So GoodBye.

Venturing out abit *shyface* LOL
Stay Blessed,

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