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29 January 2015

Why Maths Is So Hard

Don't be so hard on Maths, he's just tryna find his ex
There were many different factors that made the situation so complex
It wasn't imaginary it grew from the roots of something negative
She went off on tangents while he tried to find the source of her angry derivative
I told him he shouldn't have cosined on that house
I guess he just miscalculated the probability of her turning out to be his spouse
He thought she was perfect, her face was so acute
But soon the novelty wore off and to his feelings she was completely obtuse
See this was his first real relationship so it was a lot of trial and error
He thought their love would have no limits that it would just go on forever
She was the sweetest girl he'd ever met, reminded him of blueberry pi
Until their arguments grew worse and she just wouldn't rationalise
But he didn't want to leave her, the curves on her were insane
And with her continuous jokes and the parabola in her back I mean he can't really be blamed
So he held in a little longer, thought patience would be his solution
His life and hers became so integrated there was no good substitution
And then they reached a point of inflection no inverse could be found
Her claims got so hyperbolic and they reached their upper bound
She had had enough, she couldn't take any more
She packed her bags and said goodbye as she marched straight out the front door
Maths didn't know what to do, he hadn't had enough time to prepare
He walked to his room only to find she'd left her phone in there
He saw the screen light up as she received a message
'Hey baby when you coming round?' Who was this prick that she was texting
Maths couldn't believe what he had seen
He started to breathe heavily
His rage grew exponentially
'How could she just rotate on me'?
Round and round his thoughts started to go
There was no compass to direct him but he wanted to know
How long had this bitch been doing this,
After a few moments of thought he came to his hypothesis.
The girl he fell in love with that he thought was fresh and pure
Now applied make-up as soon as she'd wake up because she had come so insecure
He didn't have enough time for her, he was a busy entrepreneur
But he never thought she'd turn into an attention whore, so immature
He sat for a minute and then thought, 'but wait am I a prick?!'
'She'd lay up in the bed with me after calibrating another mans stick.?'
So ever since this day, Maths has been looking for his ex
And on the day he finds her I don't know what he'll do next
So next time you see Maths and he's acting extremely tough
Have a little sympathy cause he's had it really rough.

Stay Blessed,

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