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30 January 2015

Read Between the Lines

This was the 25th time she could remember that she had started the conversation
'Am I annoying him' she thought as her mind filled with a nervous sensation
The seconds building up only added to her frustration until
You cool?
It only took a few minutes for his anticipated reply
She wanted to tell him about the terrible day that had just gone by
But she couldn't appear needy so with tears running from her eye she said
Yeah you?
A part of her wanted him to say no because of how long they'd been apart
Their communication had disintegrated and it was slowly breaking her heart
She wanted him to say he missed how things were at the start but he said
He'd given her nothing to hold on to but she still couldn't let go
Tied to the times they used to have back when their vibes would just flow
She thought as long as she kept trying the distance between them wouldn't grow
She wanted to appear calm and collected, like she really didn't care
But deep down she hoped he'd let her back in, that his stories he would share
As he typed for a while her eyes focused on the screen in a tight stare but then
There it was, the final piece of confirmation she needed
There was nothing she could do, it wouldn't matter if she begged and pleaded
She took a deep breath, wiped her eyes and finally conceded.
And then he was deleted.


Stay Blessed,

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