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30 August 2014

The Perfect Wardrobe.

Okay so most of you might realise by now that I really like clothes LOL.
I am no expert and don't pretend to be but I just really enjoy putting together different outfits, playing dress up etc
So I thought this analogy would be perfect.
Imagine you were trying to put together your perfect wardrobe, what would you need?

Well hopefully you don't need Gok Wan to tell you that you need to start with the essentials - the things you put on before clothes... Underwear! Underwear provides support, shape and the basis of your outfit - you can't go without it (well I'm hoping you cant)!
This is the role your faith and family play. Essential to your life, without these things everything falls apart before its even begun. Faith doesn't only apply to faith in a higher power that will be your support but also faith in yourself, your mentality, that will shape the things you do. 
Make sure your 'underwear' fits you properly! 
Is your faith too small? 
Do you need to adjust your relationship with your family? 
Can you see your doubt lines through the task you're wearing today?

Okay so hopefully you've got the right underwear. Now on to the basics.
Tops, jeans, socks, a black/white pair of trainers or shoes... The basic things are things you can wear day to day - if you had nothing else you'd survive. Not necessarily the fanciest of items but they do the job. Comfortable, easy to manage, don't need to update that much etc.
Here we put in good friends, partners and education.
I put education here because it will provide you with a comfort of knowledge. By no means is studying itself easy but it's definitely something you need to go about your day-to-day business.
Good friends definitely fall in here. Many of us at this age know that family is #1 but friends/partners are not far behind. How comfortable are you in your knowledge? Do you invest in quality friends or do you constantly find yourself having to repurchase new ones?

We could actually stop the wardrobe here and be fine but in the perfect wardrobe you'd have some seasonal/occasional wear.
Gloves, hats, scarves, bikinis, shorts, swimming trunks, suits, party clothes... anything you only need for a certain amount of time.
Here we throw in acquaintances(connections) and your daily routine..
University friends may come under this category - whilst in Uni, you wear them all the time but once you're home you don't put them on as much until the season comes around again. Same with business acquaintances or anyone who you keep in contact with for a particular purpose. Your daily routine comes in here because different seasons or occasions will need you to wear different routines. During term time you may find your day going significantly differently to a day during the Summer holidays.
Do you have the right connections and routine for the occassion?
Remember seasonal trends change and so the people you needed to help you with an assignment in first year will not necessarily be the same people who you require in 3rd.

Okay so now we get on to the fun things. Luxury clothing!
Those Louboutins, the £300 dress, a random pair of Jordan's... the things you don't really need but you really want to make your wardrobe look pretty!
Here we put holidays, nights out etc and a relaxed work ethic!
Holidays definitely look good in the wardrobe. They add a certain sparkle to your life and if you can afford it, go for it! An insight into other cultures is great but only if you can afford it. Same with nights out, what could you use that time and money for?
I put a relaxed worth ethic here because too often we might find ourselves stunting with an attitude of laziness. Laziness is a luxury and unless you are truly content with your life at the moment, its not one you have the funds to purchase!

So we have a good relationship with God, our families and ourselves. We have great friends/relationships and a good education. We have the people we need for different situations and routines that work well for different occasions and finally we have all the nice things to make our wardrobes fancy! The perfect wardrobe... life.

Everyone's wardrobe will be different.
What would your perfect wardrobe have in it?
Stay Blessed,
Selorm xo.

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