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4 August 2014

Eyes Wide Shut.

When I put on my glasses, I can see things more clearly. Why? Well without them my vision is slightly blurred, images are just speckles of light I can't quite piece together but glasses give me what I am missing - focus.
Recently I have been having that same experience in different aspects of life.
Being in focus allows you to notice things and thus appreciate them. 

Yesterday, I experienced a few firsts. My first time having English tea, my first time seeing the Cutty Sark and that whole area altogether. I felt like a tourist! And though I've been to Canary Wharf so many times, I'd never noticed that there is little garden path with a few small fountains and a really nice atmosphere!

Now I, like probably many of you, have goals that will take me from where I am today. I want to see the world, experience things I can't today - live! BUT what yesterday and so many other things recently have taught me, is just how much beauty there is in my current life. Living in London there are so many places to see but yet, because I'm so fixated on getting out, to see Thailand for example, I forget to focus in on them and actually pay attention.

So today my point is this.
Pay attention and focus in on the beauty around you. Though we have dreams of what we want in the future - how stupid would we be to miss out on the great things we already have?!
Not just in terms of where we are but also the people around us, the experiences we have.
Take a few minutes to get off Twitter and speak to your family. 
Tell your friends from time to time how much you appreciate them.
If you're at Uni, maybe take an hour to see what a lecture in another degree is like.
There is sooo much around us, to ignore it would be crazy!

We definitely have to ensure we reach our goals, but don't close your eyes while on the journey.
How blessed we are to even be alive! 

Stay Blessed,

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